5 Ways To Be More Giving

What do you think about when you hear the word giving? Is it money? Is it time? This article goes through some of the ways you can give during your day which not only improves the day for the receiver, but also for you (I promise this from personal experience!). If you ever feel down, giving is a great way to get back up!

Being generous is something we all know is inherently good.

We’re also, as humans, wired to be a little selfish.

But, giving is good, and tis the season to give gifts.

Beyond giving gifts this time of year, how about living with a generous spirit, one that reaches far beyond Christmas?

To live generously is to give freely, and not just with money and physical gifts.

To be truly generous we can give of our time, our hearts through a smile or kind gesture, or in the gift of patience with a difficult family member or even a complaining stranger in the check-out line.

Source: 5 Ways To Be More Giving | Brett Blair