How To Find Your Passion And Struggles You Might Encounter

If you are not sure how to find your passion and whether what you are doing is leading to fulfilling your dreams, here is a technique that can help.

It seems that all we are hearing these days is Follow your passion; Just live your dreams; It’s never too late; or something along those lines.

Yet, no one seems to bother with telling us how to behave if we still haven’t discovered our passion, or it is laying buried beneath our parents or society’s expectations of us. There’s no doubt that once you decide to follow your true passion and know what you want, you will become unstoppable in achieving great things.

However, the struggle most of us face is not knowing what that thing is for us, and we too often end up switching from career to career only to become exhausted and hopeless and feeling stuck in someone else’s dream.

From early on in our lives, we weren’t programmed to make any decisions that are contradicting those of our families, teachers or peers. We are so used to following certain set of rules and programs, that we rarely stop to think how we truly feel about these.

And, sadly, before you know it, we are at work, doing something we are not sure how we feel about, or, even worse, we realize that it is something we don’t enjoy doing at all.

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A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health –

“Look on the sunny side of life.”

“Turn your face toward the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you.”

“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”

“See the glass as half-full, not half-empty.”

 Researchers are finding that thoughts like these, the hallmarks of people sometimes called “cockeyed optimists,” can do far more than raise one’s spirits. They may actually improve health and extend life.

Actively cultivating positive emotions may boost the immune system and counter depression.

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4 Simple But Powerful Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Hack Spirit

Humans are sensitive creatures. We crave acceptance, affection and most of all, love. We all thrive on these things and seek comfort in them.

But when our world is clouded by stress, negativity, and pain it’s hard to see the good in the world and in those people around us. We may find it difficult to not only find the love and affection we crave, but to accept it as well. Eventually all that stress can build up and not only cause us mental anguish, but physical harm as well.

Here are 4 mindful ways to get rid of the stress in your life and be happy:

1) Don’t Take Rude Comments to Heart.
2) Fill Your Life With Positivity.
3) Learn to Love Yourself.
4) Let Go of the Past.

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Why It’s Time for Humans to Slow Down | Heleo

Compassion and altruism are the keys to creating a better future and understanding what it means to be alive during humanity’s greatest crisis.

“If there’s a rhinoceros coming at a group of people full speed, everybody gets up and runs. If you say, ‘There’s a rhinoceros coming in 30 years,’ people will ask, ‘What’s the problem?’”

Source: Why It’s Time for Humans to Slow Down | Heleo

Neuroscientists Suggest These 4 Easy Ways To Create Genuine Happiness In Your Life – Ideapod blog

All of us have experienced times when a dark cloud just seems to be following us around. No matter what you do, it just seems that you can’t seem to shake off that feeling of negativity.

While we don’t want to minimize the value of medication for those who experience this on a daily basis, UCLA neuroscientist Alex Korb, author of The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time, has some handy insights from neuroscience that may help us feel genuinely positive and happy.

Source: Neuroscientists Suggest These 4 Easy Ways To Create Genuine Happiness In Your Life – Ideapod blog

5 Ways To Be More Giving

What do you think about when you hear the word giving? Is it money? Is it time? This article goes through some of the ways you can give during your day which not only improves the day for the receiver, but also for you (I promise this from personal experience!). If you ever feel down, giving is a great way to get back up!

Being generous is something we all know is inherently good.

We’re also, as humans, wired to be a little selfish.

But, giving is good, and tis the season to give gifts.

Beyond giving gifts this time of year, how about living with a generous spirit, one that reaches far beyond Christmas?

To live generously is to give freely, and not just with money and physical gifts.

To be truly generous we can give of our time, our hearts through a smile or kind gesture, or in the gift of patience with a difficult family member or even a complaining stranger in the check-out line.

Source: 5 Ways To Be More Giving | Brett Blair

A Mindful Guide to Email in 20 Minutes a Day : zen habits

In Episode 3 of my podcast, I talked about how we can all learn to unplug for better mental health. In order to do that, we may need to make sure we aren’t stressed out by the possibility of important emails coming through that we’re missing out on. Odds are, we aren’t missing out on too much if we unplug for a while. But in case you need to feel productive before you can unplug, here are some excellent tips to checking and replying to your emails in a more efficient, productive way.

Plug in efficiently, so you can unplug peacefully.

Source: A Mindful Guide to Email in 20 Minutes a Day : zen habits