With No One Challenging Me, I Choose to Challenge Myself

Happy Monday everyone! This week’s Monday Mantra is “With No One Challenging Me, I Choose to Challenge Myself“.

The inspiration for this mantra came from a brilliantly written comic about school and learning. The mantra reminds us to keep our gaze on ourselves, especially when we don’t feel the outside world challenging us.

It is always better to challenge ourselves and aim to better ourselves in comparison to one person and only one person: ourselves. There are so many people out there we could compare ourselves to, sometimes with positive results, other times with not so positive results. But when we strive to be better than who we were yesterday, or last week, or last year, the path to self-improvement becomes much more clear.

Aim to have a vision of yourself at your best. Then do everything to reach that goal. Do not worry about the others, or their growth, or whether they are ahead or behind you…focus only on that vision and use it to CHOOSE to challenge yourself to be the best you can be.

We can be our own worst enemies…but we can also be our best allies.

Make the choice.


I Will Be the Best That I Can Be


Happy Monday everyone! Today’s Monday Mantra is : “I will be the best that I can be”.

In life, we aremet with many distractions. They can take many forms, whether it is something that makes us procrastinate, something that breaks our spirit, something that makes us fearful of moving forward, something that inhibits our faith in ourselves, and so on.

We all have our goals and hopes and dreams in life. Sometimes, we are moving towards these goals, and we find ourselves with a set back. It’s hard not to get discouraged with this momentary stall in our plans. It’s hard not to worry that things aren’t going to proceed. It’s hard to see the light in the moment.

But what we have to remember, is that no matter the set back, all that we can and should expect of ourselves is simply to be the best that we can be, and do the best that we can. If we can manage this in light of our set-backs, or even our successes, then our goals, and dreams, and hopes are just one step away. That is all we can expect of ourselves.

Be the best that you can be. Do not hesitate. Believe. Ask yourself what your ‘best’ means, and do everything you can to become it, to do it, to live it.

Everything else WILL fall into place…

Happy Monday!


I Will Forgive Myself

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s Monday Mantra is this: “I will forgive myself.

The past can be a very tricky thing. Our memories create moments of nostalgia, heartbreak, longing; just about every emotion you can imagine on the spectrum. We can look back with rose coloured glasses, or with darker glasses depending on our mindset at the time.

But the past has already happened. The past has gone, never again to be accessed by us. It is something that can never be changed. And this is why as wonderful as the past can be in giving us nostalgia, or as wise as it can be as a teacher teaching us about what not to do, it is important to make sure that we do not linger there for too long.

Our minds have a tendency to push us back to the past. We may obsess and relive the things we did wrong, or look at our own past with critical eyes. We tell ourselves we could have done better, or we should have done this differently, and this begins the weighted process of regret. Instead of moving forward, we remain anchored to a past that we cannot change.

Today’s mantra reminds us that as useful an ally it can be, we must not linger too much in the past. When we are looking back so critically, it’s important to pause and realize that we did the best that we could given the circumstances. Hindsight in 20/20 after all, and so we must learn and let go. To dwell on the past, to be weighted down by it, will restrict our growth and development.

Forgive yourself for having done what you did (or didn’t do), learn from it, and ensure that the lessons of the past are carried forward as tools, rather than as weights.

There is so much in the past. But there is even more in the present. Forgive yourself by recognizing that there is nothing you can do to change things. Forgive yourself by realizing that you did the best that you could do given the circumstances, and that you will do your best to be better prepared in the future. Take the moment of regret you may feel, forgive yourself, and then let it teach you what you need to succeed in your future.

The past is already set in stone. But the future, remains to be written. How will you write your future? Start by forgiving your past self…

Happy Monday!

“I will do everything I set out to do today”

Today’s Mantra Monday is this:

“I will do everything I set out to do today”


This may sound more difficult than last week’s Mantra, but what if that very line of thinking is what makes it difficult?
I’m a person who LOVES lists. TO DO lists are basically the only way that I get anything done…ever. There’s a sense of fulfillment from checking off the items on the list. The trick I’ve found is to make a commitment every morning and do the following:
1. Go through your list.
2. Find the items that are must do.
3. Prioritize your items
4. Make a commitment to get through all or some of them.
Now life will throw you curve balls. There will be days where you start on some tasks and can’t even get through them because the phone rings non-stop, or distractions are aplenty. There are two schools of thought, and I’ve applied both:
1. Forgive yourself if you can’t reach what you set out to do. But make sure you set time aside to do it tomorrow (to avoid infinite procrastination)
2. Keep going. Just. Keep. Going. There have been some days where I was so eager to finish my to-do list that despite the distractions and set-backs, I just plowed on ahead. The feeling of having stayed true to the commitment is a reward in of itself. Think back to the last day where you were very, VERY productive, and felt accomplished: that’s what I’m talking about.
The two have to go hand in hand. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. There’s a time to not be dissuaded and keep pressing on, and there’s a time to pull back, regroup, recoup, and plan how to tackle the problem the next day.
Just remember…it’s not over, until you give up completely. And there are always second chances and opportunities to finish something you’ve started. Seek them out. Stay true to yourself. Make commitments to yourself. Hold yourself accountable.
You’ll build integrity and confidence (and get a lot of work done too!)
Happy Monday!

“I will be better than I was yesterday”

Today’s Mantra Monday is a simple one: ”

“I will be better than I was yesterday”
Because the only person you need to compare yourself to…is yourself. As long as you can be better, do better, feel better than you did yesterday, then you’re doing well.
Some days will be better than others, but even on those days you are learning and experiencing. Appreciate the day, and be better than the person you were yesterday.
Repeat the mantra, believe it, and you will BE BETTER THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY.
Happy Monday.