The Gods Envy Us

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday everyone! This week’s Wallpaper was a perfect way to inspire and set the tone for a wonderful day. See my thoughts below the image:


Regardless of what you thought about the movie, Achilles in Troy is making a very good point. Gods are immortal. They live forever. Nothing can kill them. But at the same time, they lack the contrast of life and death to help motivate them to really appreciate the world around them.

True, that the beauty of something is not measured by the fact that it ends, but a subtle reminder that not all things are forever (life included) can act as a motivation not to waste the few precious moments that we have on this planet.

Here we are, this moment, right here…and there is so much beauty to appreciate, to love, to embrace in. Close your eyes…what do you hear? Look around…what do you see? What do you touch? What do you feel? Take a few seconds to really appreciate the beauty around you…and this moment. Because this moment is going to end in the blink of an eye, replaced with another. So take advantage and be mindful of the here and now.

It is fleeing. It is already disappearing. But you can appreciate it, and life, before it does.

Wallpaper Wednesday Overload


Happy Wallpaper Wednesday everyone! Above is just a taste of 20 quotes that will inspire and motivate you, found at this incredible side:

Hopefully, these little gems will give you an added boost of energy, joy, motivation, inspiration, and/or thoughtfulness for the day.

I’ve found that the best time to read these is in the morning, with a warm cup of something, in a quiet environment where you can really capture the essence of what is being meant. Have a notepad close by to jot down your thoughts and responses. Reflect a little, learn a lot!

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Walk away from those who bring you down — A Window Of Wisdom

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes from our dear blogging friend, A Window of Wisdom.

We are reminded that the people whom we surround ourselves with, are ultimately the people who influence us the most. If we surround ourselves with negative people, we will either find ourselves becoming more negative like them, or we will find ourselves drained. Surrounding ourselves with positive and optimistic people has the opposite effect.

When we surround our self with people who are positive and loving, it keeps our outlook aligned with the Divine… no matter what life situation we are enduring. ~ WOW ~

via Window 1145 -Walk away from those who bring you down — A Window Of Wisdom

You Are Traffic


Happy Wallpaper Wednesday. Today’s Wallpaper reminds us that often, the things that limit us come from within ourselves. The thing that holds us back the most, is us. There’s almost nothing that we we cannot achieve if we desire them enough, establish a plan to work towards them, and work towards them.

Ask yourself…what limits you? What is holding you back?

Now ask what things you are doing that self-sabotage.

There are many things in this life that we cannot change. But most of the things that hold us back, we CAN change because they stem from us all along.

We are all traffic for ourselves.

Sinking Ships

Happy Wednesday everyone. Here is this Wallpaper Wednesday’s words of wisdom:


We really are our own worst enemies. Our doubts, our fears, our insecurities, our baggage can weigh us down, bring us down, and crush us. It’s important to remember that often times the thing that stops us the most from living a meaningful, fulfilled life, are things within us. That’s the bad news.

But the good news is this: because it’s inside us, we have the power to change it all, to make it better, to make ourselves better. We can overcome our fears. We can accept our flaws and turn our insecurities into acceptance. We can take the things inside us, the things that often show on the surface in one way or another, and make sure that they show in the most positive, optimistic way.

We are our own worst enemies…but we can be our greatest ally as well…

Be Someone That Makes You Happy

Happy Wednesday everyone. Here is this Wallpaper Wednesday’s words of wisdom:


Many of us spend our days looking elsewhere for our happiness: we seek it out in possessions, or even people. We rely on our partners, friends, family, co-workers, often to make us happy…or alternatively, where things aren’t going so well, partners, friends, family, co-workers are often the “cause” of our unhappiness.

And sure, although people can have an influence on our happiness, at the end of the day, the person who has ultimate control of that, is us. Ourselves. Rather than looking to others for happiness, I challenge you to become a person who IS happy.

Sometimes, the things we seek out the most are found right under our very noses.